0 Disappearing Sun Chips Bag - Day 1

Last month I came up with the idea to test if the new compostable Sun Chip bags will actually breakdown in the time promised. After finishing my yummy Sun Chips I put 1 bag in to the composter and another into our garden. I decided to put one into the garden because in their commercial they just show the bag being in the ground and composting. I know it is probably just an easier way to "show" it giving back to the earth but I still want to see if the bag will breakdown at all this way.

They claim it will take 14 weeks to breakdown so I will check back on the bags every 2 weeks and document their progress. Check back every couple of weeks to see the progress as the bags hopefully breakdown!

Day 1

            Bag in Composter (before stirring it up)                                            Bag in Garden

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