0 But....recycling is easy

Wednesday is our garbage day, it is also the day I go to Boot Camp so I am always driving by when everyone has their garbage and recycling out by the curb. I noticed several weeks ago that someone up the street from us never puts their blue box out. They also use yellow garbage bags so I can see that they have recyclables in there. I do not get it. I have seen paper, cardboard, pop cans etc etc. Recycling is free, it is easy and really isn't it one of the most basic things we can do for the environment. My 95 year old Grandma even recycles and she is set in her ways.

I do not understand how someone can't just put their pop cans into the blue box instead of the garbage bag. Are they really that lazy or do they just not care? It is times like this that I wish there was a penalty for not recycling.

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