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I have a love hate relationship with Walmart. They really do have some fantastic deals but I know that their business practices can be somewhat shady at times. Like every other corporation they are trying to make their mark in the environmental world. Trying to show that they care and that their practices are not having an overall negative impact on our planet. I find that with any corporation you really have to be careful of what they are saying they are doing vs what they are really doing.

I came across something on Walmart Canada's website. It caught my eye because I really think it is a fantastic idea. Packaging has long been a pet peeve of mine and I think it is time that manufacturers be held responsible for their products and how they are packaging them. I bought a new memory card for our video camera the other week. There was about 10 times more packaging then product. Why? I assume that it is some kind of game where they all laugh at us for having such difficulties opening the damn hard plastic that surrounds the card. If only I had one of those packaging open tools that I saw on a TV commercial once (I can not remember what it was called). I wonder what you use to open it though?

Walmart Canada has launched a site where you can report over packaging on products that you have purchased from one of their stores. They will forward this information on to the manufacturer of that product and hopefully push them to make changes. Will anything come of it? I am hoping so. Walmart has a lot of pull with their suppliers so one can only hope that if they speak loud enough, if we speak loud enough that the suppliers will reduce the packaging on their products.

I looked on the Walmart US website for something similar and was unable to find anything.

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  1. The over-packaging on something like a memory card is anti-theft related. It would be nice if they packaged them in something reusable though. Like the big cases they put on CDs that are taken off at the register.