2 One is the loneliest number

Word around the campfire is that there are talks at the Copenhagen Summit to limit the number of children people are allowed to have to just one. Globally. The hope is that this will stop the damage we as a race are doing to this planet. It's a nice thought I guess but really is that the answer? What would the world be without the joy of siblings, station wagons and the Duggars? 

I can see this going the way of air emissions. Want to have 2 kids? Just buy a baby credit off of the Smiths next door who don't want to have any children. What if you have twins, triplets, octuplets? What if you divorce and remarry? What if God forbid you lose your child? How can a concept such as this be applied and then regulated globally?

If this were ever to be actually implemented globally what would be next? You can only poop once a day. If you have to poop twice a day you are SOL (literally). You had better hold it until midnight or else....

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  1. yeah, because it worked so well for China..
    i dunno, i'm sure whoever dreamed up the idea meant well, but extremely unlikely to become a reality, or even a desirable reality.

  2. Don't tell anybody but i'm plotting to have a second child...Here come the police... save yourself...