0 Greening the Holidays - Decorating

My favourite holiday movie is Christmas Vacation. There was a house about 30 minutes from where I grew up that was exactly like the Griswald's house in the movie. You probably won't see too many houses around that take their decorating to that level. Knowing my luck if we did have someone in our neighbourhood that had that many lights on their house they would leave them on all night and it would shine right into our window.

If you do put lights up on your house try out the new solar lights. No extension cords are required and they charge even when cloudy. They are pricey though so you could always opt for the LED lights that have been on the market for the last few years. Put your lights on a timer so that they come on and go off at a certain time.

Instead of buying more ornaments try hand making them. Use LED lights and turn them off when you are not at home and when you go to bed at night.

Try handmaking a wreath with pinecones and berries. Avoid buying just one more cute santa figurine that will do nothing but hold hard candy and collect dust. Look for stores or holiday craft sales where you can pick up locally handmade decorations.

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