0 Greening the Holidays - Gift Giving

The holidays are fast approaching. There is a girl online who has a ticker counting down the number of sleeps left. It freaks me out every time I see it. I haven't started anything at all yet. I do have a list though....if that counts for anything.

This season we decided to really look for ways to be more environmentally responsible with our gift giving. As a result we will be making most of the gifts we give.

What are the key things you can do to reduce the impact your gift giving has this holiday season?

  • Give the unique gift of animal or tree adoption. 
  • Handmake your gifts.
  • Look for products that have reduced packaging.
  • Used recycled wrapping paper, reuse gift bags, make your own paper or use natural items (ie: pinecones or evergreen branches).
  • Give the gift of time. Spending time with a loved one can be more meaningful then a giftcard or sweater.
  • Look for organic cotton or hemp clothing and bags.
  • Reduce the number of cards you send out and think about hand making them with reused paper products.
  • Shop at stores where there products are made locally.
  • Give a tree or plant.

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