2 Non-Toxic Oven Cleaner

If you are currently looking at doing some fall cleaning and thinking of tackling the dreaded oven here is a simple eco-friendly recipe that you can use in place of the regular oven cleaners.

All you will need is the following:
* baking soda
* castille liquid soap
* water

1. Wet down the inside of the oven
2. Cover the dirty area's with a sprinkle of baking soda
3. Wet down the inside of the oven again
4. Let everything sit for several hours. Overnight would be even better to get those stubborn spots out.
5. Wipe the baking soda with a reusable rag
6. Never buy toxic oven cleaners again


  1. Good one. I'll give it a try. Thank you!

  2. Hope it works for you Kathryn!