0 Eco-Challenge - No TV

I know what you are thinking. Yes we are crazy. I read in another blog about someone doing this and was impressed by what they accomplished during the week. When I asked Joey if he would be interested and he said yes my mind immediately went to "OMG I will miss 3 Big Brother episodes". I am sure that the world will not implode by us undertaking this eco-challenge.

This is more than just an eco-challenge. Not only will we be conserving less power by not having the TV on but we will also be reconnecting as a couple, enjoying our neighbourhood and finishing up projects around the house.

We do have some ground rules that we have set.
1. We can watch 2 movies throughout the week - must be together.
2. We can still use the internet to get information on the news, sports etc but not to watch TV.

We will be TV free starting today (Saturday August 30th) until the end of the day next Friday September 5th.

See the results here.

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