3 Eco-Challenge - No TV RESULTS

So the week is over and I can not believe how long it was...not in a bad way either. At the end of every night I was so tired from actually being active non-stop. Last week's eco-challenge was to go the entire week without TV. For us this fell over the long weekend as well and it sure was a long weekend. We got so much done during the week and I didn't miss the TV at all. At first I did miss the background noise but I liked how productive we were and how we found other ways to spend our time.

We will see if there was any difference in our hydro bill but I doubt that it will actually make any dent at all since our bill is every 2 months.

So what did we manage to do with ourselves with no TV for a week?
- took a walk nearly every night
- finally finished the fence....a year later
- Jen read 1.5 books, Joe almost finished one
- made a list of what we need to buy for our trip
- visited with old friends
- talked on the phone with family
- worked out
- enjoyed our new patio
- fixed some equipment around the house
- cleaned and cleaned and cleaned
- finally started to catch up on my google reader
- picked up a composter and decided where to put it
- made dinner together every night

Going forward we plan on cutting back on our TV hours, which could be hard with the new shows starting...so much good TV....so little time. Bless the (wo)man who invented time shifting!


  1. hats off to the 2 of you for doing that! inspiring. let us know if the hydro bill went down at all.

  2. Wonderful achievement - look how much you got through in that week. I'd be interested to know if you've now gone back to your full TV quota?

  3. In the winter we watch as much TV as we did before but in the summer far less.