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Every house has at least one computer and most are probably left running for days (weeks?) on end. So how much electricity is your computer using - somewhere between 60-330 watts for a desktop computer and 15 - 45 watts for a laptop (depending on age). But you have a screen saver right? That actually makes no difference at all in the total energy consumption.

When putting your computer into "sleeper"/dark screen mode your monitor can still use up to 15 watts of energy and your CPU can still use between 1-6 watts of energy. If you simply turn your monitor off you can still be using up to 10 watts of energy on the monitor itself

There are some ways to save energy from computer usage
1. Turn it off after you are done using it
2. Buy an Energy Star rated model
3. Put your computer into sleeper mode and turn off the monitor
4. Check out the Eco Button

The Eco Button plugs into your computer and when you are taking a break you simply push the button and it puts your computer into a power saving mode that uses a little bit more energy than when they are turned off. When you return you don't have to wait to restart your computer, it will be turned back on to where you left off. An interesting feature of the Eco Button is that its software will track your energy savings both in dollars and CO2.

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