0 Eco-Challenge - Standby Power

Standby power seems to be a new concern as I guess no one really realized that even though their TV wasn't on it was still eating up some 'juice' since it was still plugged into the wall. As I look around our house I can see lots of things that we have plugged in that would be using standby power.

Each individual source isn't going to use alot of power but when you consider the fact that each household could have 10-20 sources plugged in all day every day you can see how it really adds up. Some studies have even indicated that Standby Power accounts for 10% of your electricity usage.

That leads us to this weeks Eco-Challenge. We are going to assess and document all the sources of Standby Power in our house then come up with a plan reduce our consumption based on these sources.

See the Results here.

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