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I remember carrying my school books to elementary school in a grocery bag. It was the "cool" thing to do. Times have certainly changed. Now stores have reuseable bags that you can buy to place their products in instead of using a plastic bag. We have reuseable bags for our grocery bags but we still have what feels like 50 kajillion plastic grocery bags leftover. So we are slowly using them up for things like waste kitty litter and bagging up our paper products for recycling (a requirement of our city). Some cities will take the bags and recycle them so check with yours if you have some that you want to get rid of.

But there are lots of other reuseable bags you can use. Think of all the bags that you could be using through out  the day. Here are some ideas to help cut back on the amount of plastic bags you are consuming.

Produce bags - You know the one's you put your green peppers and apples in.
Check out these bags - Beegreenbuzz, Ecobags, Reuseablebag

Grocery bags - I would check out your local grocery store for what they are offering. Most offer then right at the cash register for about $1 or you can stock up on some awesome ChicoBags

Lunch bags - There are lots of options for these so think about what kind of lunch you typically bring.
Check out these bags - Sew EcoKids Konserve

Snack bags - These are so great for taking parts of your lunch in or for when you are on the go. I have a bunch of them and they are easy for B to hold onto and open when he wants a snack.
Check out these bags - Sew Eco

Garbage bags - okay well not reuseable bags because that is just not possible. It's not like you can ask the garbage man to give you your bag back. But you can use a bag that will break down faster in the landfill. Now with some biodegradable bags you may find that they aren't all that strong so test out some first to see which brand works for you. My research indicates that the first link below sell strong biodegradable bags.
Check out these bags - Bag to Nature, Ecosafe

Doggie pooper-scooper bags - Everybody poops, including dogs.
Check out these bags - Earth Rated PoopbagsBioBag

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