0 Shades of Green

You know I realized that I never explained why I am doing this blog. It started with my 101 in 10001 list and needing a place to put it. I didn't want to put it in my food blog because it just didn't seem to make sense. Joey and I have been talking about how to become more "green" so I thought this would be a great way to talk about are challenges and successes and to maybe inspire others to think about how they are living their lives and what impact they are having on the environment.

Alot of people think that one person can not make a difference; I don't think this way. All it takes is one person to come up with an idea or to inspire someone else and it can lead to major change. I also think that there is alot of personal satisfaction in knowing that you are doing what you can to make this world a better place for all of us.

There are big huge lifestyle changes that we can all make but realistically that may not be possible. You really have to think about what also financially makes sense for you. We would love to buy a hybrid but since we are still paying for our current car it does not make sense to make the change now. Not everyone can install a gray water system or solar panels but everyone can think of alternate ways to get to work, increase their recycling and chose to buy more local products. It's all about making the choices that work best for you and have an overall positive impact on the environment.

I was at a conference recently and they talked about "shades of green". I like this concept as it explains Joey and I really well. We were already green but we are looking to be greener.

What is your shade of green? What shade do you want to become?

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