0 Blackout Day Challenge

Do you remember where you were during the Blackout in 2003? I remember it taking forever to get home and then having no power (including water and toilets) for 3 days. I also remember the first night sitting out on my baloncy and having all my neighbours out on theirs too. Not just my immediate neighbours but all the one's in the buildings nearby. People were lauging and having a good time despite the circumstances. I remember it being really quiet....too quiet...but in a good way.

On Thursday August 14th it will be 5 years since the blackout. The Blackout Day Challenge is a way for businesses/communities/individuals to sign up and participate in reducing their energy consumption on the 14th.

We are doing it at work and then we will continue it when we get home from work. What are things we are going to do to reduce our electricity consumption?

- work off our laptops instead of having them plugged into the docking station and using a monitor.
- turn off the overhead lights and open all the window blinds
- bring a cold lunch so no microwave is required
- no coffee or tea
- have informal meetings outside
- BBQ for dinner
- no AC at home
- go for a walk at night

While it may be hard for some to participate during the day at work, you could still do it when you are at home.

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