1 Eco-Challenge - epost.ca RESULTS

Well we have spent the last few weeks (12 days of receiving mail) working on the Eco-Challenge. We have been collecting all the envelopes and stuffers that have come with our bills. Honestly you really can not appreciate how much crap comes with your bills until you stack it all up together. How much does it amount to? Take a look and see.

Now I tried to weigh it but it was too light to show up on our scale so I will continue to collect it until I have enought that it will register then I can calculate how many kilograms we are saving a year by switching to epost.

We also identified which bills we could switch to epost. I am actually surprised how few there are to pick from. Hopefully more people will start to use this service and more companies will register so that their customers can sign up.

We switched over all 12 of our bills!

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  1. Hi Jen: I read your blog with interest. I am a Toronto journalist doing a story on ePost for a newspaper here and wonder if I can interview you for it? Let me know. My e-mail is marlyneskaff@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you. Marilyn