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It may be that you have never heard of Bullfrog Power. I know I hadn't until about a year and a half ago. So what is it? It is a way for you to ensure that the electricity that you are using at your home or business is coming from alternative technologies. I have received information before about local power companies having programs where you can pay extra to ensure that a portion of your consumption comes from alterative sources of power. That is where Bullfrog is different. They are an independent company that puts power from green technology back onto the grid. You continue to pull your energy from the same grid but because you are supporting Bullfrog Power they are putting the same amount that you are using back onto the grid using energy created by wind and low-impact water.

It will cost you more than "regular" electricity but you will have the confidence in knowing that your consumption is coming from lower impact power generation.

We plan on switching to Bullfrog Power in January. We wanted to get a handle on our energy consumption in our new house so we would know how much the switch would cost us. It looks like it is well within our budget to be able to make the switch and reduce our overall impact on the environment. I am comfortable doing this because I know that they are certified and audited. In the past I never converted to the programs run by the power companies because I didn't have the same confidence that my power was really green.

If you live in Ontario or Alberta you can take advantage of Bullfrog Power. If you live in the US you can check out the Green Power Network to see who in your state offers similar programs. Look for one that is certified and fits the benefits that you are looking for.

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