0 Tip of the Day - Commuting

With gas prices constantly on the rise carpooling is starting to make sense to alot of people. The biggest problem is finding someone who has the same schedule as you who is starting in the same area and ending in the same area. Or if you are me, the biggest problem is what kind of music are they going to subject you to while you are stuck in traffic.

Some commuting websites now allow you to search for potential carpoolers anywhere along your route. This should make it easier to find a match. To deal with the scheduling problems they also have an 'Emergency Ride Home' feature. If something comes up and you need to get home ASAP or if this happens to the person you carpool with, the service you are using will get you a ride home. Different services handle this differently so make sure you check out what options are available.

Businesses are also starting to incorporate carpooling programs into their benefits packages. If your company has one, make use of it. It is not only going to save you money but it is great for the environment.

Carpooling websites
Carpool Zone - note the link to employers in Ontario that use this site as their carpool tool for their employees.
RideShareOptimizer - throughout the US
iCarpool - throughout Canada, US, Europe and Australia
Ride-Share - note the link to employers in BC that use this site as their carpool tool for their employees.

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