2 Tip of the Day - Shop Locally

And by local I don't mean the closest grocery store. I mean purchasing food that is grown locally. It will save on transportation costs/emissions and it helps out your local farmers. So where can you get local produce and meat?

Farmers markets - you are buying direct from the farmers. Over time you can also build relationships with them and you will have confidence that the food is being grown in a manner that is important to you (organic for example).

On the farm - I see alot of signs for berries and corn around this time of year. Alot of farms in our area sell their produce and meat on their own property. Most farmers who are selling their meat will sell it to you in a variety of packages. This means less trips for you to get your meat.

Local stores - not the large grocery stores but one's that only sell local food. This is a good way to get all your food in once place rather than having to go to a few local farmers to get everything.

Food Co-ops - you pay to be part of the co-op and as part of it you help grow the fruits and vegetables and then get to split the food as it grows.

Food Baskets - we have this great service in town where you sign up for a plan and every week a local basket of food is delivered to a drop point for you (usually at a local store). You pick it up and get to enjoy whatever is in it (including meat, fruit, veggies, jams, honey etc etc).

Local butchers - some raise their own cattle, others purchase the meat from local farmers. Either way it is a great way to get all of your meat.

Grow your own - maybe not your own meat, but try growing your own fruits and vegetables. Then you have 100% control over how they are grown and you can be sure that they are meeting your standards.

Grocery store - when in a grocery store look for the produce that is grown locally. Here in Ontario they will have a sticker that says it was grown here. But that doesn't always mean it is local, but then again it is better than buying the same produce that has been shipped in from half way around the world.


  1. Hey Jen, I'm not sure if you've got room for a garden or not at home, but this might work for you...


  2. Thanks! This would be perfect for a herb garden.