0 Green Trends - Board Games

Monopoly is a classic board game. I remember playing it as a child. I would try and collect all the one dollar bills. I have no idea why but I think it made me feel like I had more money because my stack was huge. I also always had to buy the purple and green properties. Daggers would fly if I didn't get these.

Now it looks like Monopoly is hopping on the Green bandwagon and has changed their board to be more eco-friendly. No that doesn't mean that it is made from recycled products or that the pieces are bio-degradable. It just means that they have switched their Water Works and Electric Company "squares" for Wind Energy and Solar Energy.

Sounds like a good start and an easy way to educate people about alternative energy methods. If they even notice the change. I know that I barely paid attention to the Utilities....because they cost me my precious one dollar bills.

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