3 Transforming Toilet Paper Rolls Into Bird Feeders

Last week I was looking for an activity that we could do while dinner cooked. I had a bag of bird seed sitting on the counter still from when I had cleaned out the pantry.  I saw it and was brought back to when I was young and in Girl Guides doing crafts every week. Now if only my knowledge of knots would come back and I could finally begin my nautical career. This craft is quick and easy so that kids can work on it by themselves.  It is a great idea for birthday parties too!

What You Will Need
Toilet paper rolls
Nut butter
Bird seed
Butter knife
Hole punch

Assembling Your Bird Feeder
  1. Grab that bag of toilet paper rolls that you have been saving to use for crafts or gardening or because Pinterest makes you think you should be keeping them.
  2. Punch 2 holes on opposite sides of roll, near the top.
  3. Pour bird seed onto a plate.
  4. Using the knife, smear nut butter onto the toilet paper roll. Put it everywhere that you want to be covered in seeds.
  5. Roll the toilet paper roll in the seeds. If some areas won't pick up seeds try pouring them on top and patting into place.
  6. Set aside overnight.
  7. Run string through the holes, tying knots on the inside to create a loop.
  8. Hang outside on a tree.
  9. Celebrate how crafty you are!
  10. Go back inside and realize what a PITA bird seed is as it is all over your table, chairs and floor.
If you don't have any extra toilet paper rolls kicking around try applying the same logic to pine cones. 

Extending The Activity
Once your bird feeder is up find a spot where you can watch it from a distance. Set up a small scrapbook (you can reuse old envelopes and junk mail) and a pair of binoculars. Have your kids draw the birds that they see or if they are younger you can draw them (or seriously, find pictures of them online or in magazines) and then they can check them off as they see them.

What is your favourite way to make a bird feeder?

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  1. Oh I love this idea. I've done something similar with pine cones but now I don't have access to as many pine cones. But toilet paper rolls ... oh yeah! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. What a fun idea! I'm totally doing this with the kids.

  3. That is a great project to do with kids! Sweet idea!