5 5 Ways to Get Your Toddler to Love Green Smoothies

Why is it that any food that is green is like kryptonite to toddlers? Broccoli? Gross. Lettuce? No dice. Celery? Nope, it tastes like soap. Getting your toddler to drink a green smoothie can be a challenge but can have numerous health benefits. Green smoothies include not only the vitamin rich juice but also all the fibre in the pulp. They are an easy way for your toddler to get part of their daily does of vegetable and fruit without them even realizing!

Get Your Toddler to Love Green Smoothies!

1. Pre-blend and freeze vegetables like kale and spinach into cubes. They look less like vegetables this way and more like a cool frozen green rock that you are magically calling Kale!

2. Pull up a chair and let your toddler add the fruit of the choice and then hit the blend button. The rule in our house is no putting hands in the bowl, we just hover over the top and drop our items in. 

3. Fun straws! I purchased straws and told him they were his super secret smoothie straws.

4. Ask what their favourite vegetable and fruit is and then incorporate those into your recipe. B's smoothies commonly include avocado and strawberries.

5. If the green colour is making your toddler turn up their nose then add a handful of blueberries or blackberries to change the colour.

Jen's smoothie tip ~ when fruit is in season cut it into small pieces and freeze individually on a tray. Once frozen put into a glass jar and store in the freezer for smoothie usage.

B's smoothie tip ~ cover your ears when you start the blender. It's loud!

Our favourite recipes
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Does your toddler drink green smoothies? What are your tips for those wanting to start?

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  1. Smoothies are sometimes the only way I feed my family in the morning. Total life savers! Thanks for the tips going to try them with my two year old.

  2. They are a morning staple for us as well!

  3. Great tips - anything you can do to get kids to have more veggies helps!

  4. Thanks Jen for the shout out! Awesome tips especially B's :)