2 Organic - Not a Wussy Produce

People make a lot of excuses for why they don't buy organic produce. I have heard it all. And the only reason that makes any sense to me is the cost. It isn't always more expensive as traditional produce but it can be sometimes. I often hear people proclaim that their reasoning for not buying or growing organic produce is because it yields small sizes compared to the traditional non organic varieties. 

I call bullshit.

I hear people say that they don't grown organic produce because it does not yield as much of a crop. 


After a good trimming you can see more of the tomatoes on the plants. On the left there are at least 1 kajillion cherry tomatoes that we continue to pick and enjoy in October. Low yields?  I think no. In fact, we had high yields on everything we grew this year and we have been enjoying most of them for several months. 

I also hear a lot of people say that they don't grow organic produce because it takes too much effort and it isn't easy.

I call bullshit. Again.

Organic carrot not from out garden but man oh man look at the size of that home grown bean!

To grow that tomato I tilled the organic soil and topped it up with some new organic soil that was mixed with crushed eggs shells. I then put a seed in the ground underneath a tomato cage. I waited impatiently over the summer and BAM huge ass tomato that I picked and ripened inside (because it won't ripen outside in this crazy weather).

To grow that bean I followed the exact same process as the tomato but have been enjoying the beans from the plants for several months. 

I don't do any other maintenance on my gardens other than the occasional weed pulling and trimming the leaves and branches on the tomatoes. Because I would rather spend my summer sipping wine by the pool than checking the pH of my garden soil and trying countless natural pest control strategies. Yes I get pests, in fact my bean plants had something eating its leaves all summer. Yet still I had high yields that were jumbo in size. 

Oh and guess what...everything we grow is GMO free too. Another myth busted!

What are some of the reasons you have heard for people not buying or growing organic produce?  Or have you yourself used an excuse? CONFESS!!!

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  1. The most common one is it is too expensive and there is no real difference. I suggested a friend shop at a local Mennonite farm for quality produce at prices cheaper than the organic in the stores. She stopped, but then informed me WalMart's prices are cheaper and didn't buy a single thing. I get so frustrated with this reasoning.

    Even if I wasn't convinced organic was better for me and the earth I would still buy it because it tastes so much better than the pesticide laden, and trucked in produce.

  2. That is so incredibly true!