2 Langley, Politics and Tears

I planned to post about March's Eco-Challenge today but my heart is breaking and I feel like I owe you an  update on Langley. As you may know, earlier this year an Eastern European government signed a bill to ban adoptions by Americans. There is a lot of political BS behind it, and I won't get into it because it is not what really matters so I would rather not focus on it. What does matter is the hundreds of thousands of kids that live in orphanages and institutions. The family working towards bringing Langley home is American, so there in lies the complication and my sorrow. Today more bleak news came that has caused a halt to all fundraising efforts for those affected orphans who do not have families working to adopt them. We hope that their government will have a change of heart and reverse his decision or at a bare minimum that he will allow children with special needs to continue to be adopted by American. This is Langley's only chance. The chances of him being adopted by a local family is beyond remote. His family in America is hanging in there, praying, fundraising like crazy (if you are in PA and love baked goods let me know), all in the hopes that this isn't the end. 

It just can't be.

Kids are not pawns. Kids are not disposable. Kids deserve loving families. Kids deserve a chance at life. 

Over the last year you have helped us raise over $6300 for Langley's adoption. Some of you  have asked what will happen with that money. It will stay with Langley and his family until we know for sure that there is no hope for American adoptions in in his country. Then Reece's Rainbow will begin the gut wrenching task for re-allocating the funds to other waiting kids in other countries. Any money raised that went into Langley's families account directly will stay with them if they decide to adopt from another country.  

Please continue to pray for a sustainable resolution to the orphan crisis. Pray that government will put aside their differences and allow Americans to continue to adopt children with special needs. Pray for special needs programs and services to be put into place in Eastern Europe so families can be supported and keep their children rather than having to give them up in the first place.

Pray for Langley and Evie and all the other children affected by this.

If you live in Canada the country is not closed to you. Langley's region is not open to Canadians but there are other regions that are. If you are homestudy ready consider adopting someone special and help save their lives.


  1. I was looking for a happy update :( we donated for our wedding guests last year and was thinking about Langley on our anniversary last week hoping he was able to come home. Praying this will still be the case ♥

  2. I can't thank you enough for the thoughtful gift you gave last year. Happy Anniversary!

    I pray that they will allow special needs adoptions to continue, but for right now nothing is going on.