4 Help Me Save Langley - RAOK Week 3

This week we witnessed the biggest random act of kindness possible. I sat at my desk and wondered why the heck my BlackBerry was showing 24 notifications on Facebook. Late in the afternoon I finally checked it and saw that I had been tagged in a post by several different people. I clicked through and found a post announcing what is hands down some of the best news I have ever heard. This is what I saw:

Commence crying at work.

There is a bit of a story here that I think deserves sharing. For the past few months I have been in contact with a family who was in love with Langley and looking to adopt him. They had started the process to see if they would qualify but since the rules in Langley's country are so strict they were nervous about what the answer would be.  At the same time this was happening the Montgomery family was moving forward with their adoption of Maribel and Evie when  they received the news that Maribel's biological parents were coming back to get her and take her home!! The Montgomery's grieved over the loss of the opportunity to be Maribel's parents but obviously having her home with her biological parents is an excellent turn of events.  This also opened the door and their hearts to bringing another child home.....and they chose Langley. 

Random Acts of Kindness happening all over the place and all benefiting Langley (and of course other kiddos!)

What we did

* We picked up garbage that had blown onto our daycare providers lawn
* I let more people go in front of me at stop signs and in parking lots
* We continued to give our contractors drinks every day
* We donated to Joe's cousin who is doing the breast cancer walk
* I spent yesterday watching B's best friend so Tanya could work and Jamie could help Joe

They are too cute!

What you did 
* Rishma filled my water bottle when she was going to get water for herself
* Matt filled Katie's bike tire when she was out of town
* Jamie helped Joe build our shed (4 days and counting)
* Jill gave away her old BlackBerry to someone who wanted one
* Jeff brought donuts in for our team
* Alexis gave away a gift card to celebrate her blog getting 4 million hits!
* Tanya got drinks for everyone when she went to get a drink for herself

From the ROAK Challenge only one was done. Meegs baked a pie and took it into work (and it looked delicious!).

The Challenge this week
The first person to do any of these will get an extra entry into the giveaway. Just leave me a message letting me know what you did! I am going to personally commit to doing at least 5 of these this week as we enter our final week of Random Acts of Kindness for Langley. How many can you do?!

Plant a tree
Write a thank you note/email
Volunteer for a local organization
Donate to Langley's grant account
Make someones wish come true - Colleen did this one!
Give up your seat on the bus/train/subway to someone else
Bring your neighbours recycling bins in from the curb
Take a friend to the movies

Carried over from previous weeks
* Take a picture with a stranger that says 'Help Me Save Langley'
* Mow your neighbours lawn
* Donate things you no longer use - Rishma did this one!
* Give a care package to a homeless person...things to keep them cool!
* Pick up 1 bag of trash
* Make dinner for someone in need
* Send a funny ecard to someone who needs cheering up - Rishma did this one!
* Send flowers or a plant to someone you love
* Collect food for the Food Bank
* Donate blood
* Give out free popsicles or freezies
* Leave a thank you note for your mail carrier
* Take produce from your garden and give it to someone


  1. The picture of them holding hands is too sweet! I'm really looking forward to encouraging, and teaching my daughter to respect our planet as she grows up.

    New follower from Moms Mingle, hope you'll check out my blog, www.RaisingBean.com, and follow back :) happy Sunday!

  2. Thank you for being so kind and thinking of others. This is a great story and I hope all goes well. I'm a new follower and would love if you followed me back! www.iheartpears.blogspot.com

  3. @Mar - I hope more parents decide to do that with their kids!

  4. I purged my closet last night and will be donating the clothes to Afghan Families in need.

    Feels good to free up some hangers!