2 Happy Earth Hour Day!

I'm not going to lie. I have a love/hate relationship with Earth Hour. I love how different each person makes the hour and how they choose to celebrate it. I hate that it is only an hour and how some people think 'hey I participated in Earth Hour I am good to go for the year'.  But let's focus on the positive shall we?

This morning I was checking out the Twitter and loved watching as the different countries started to celebrate by shutting of their lights. That is exactly what we will be doing at 8:30 EST. The lights will go off and out will come the candles. 

There are some things I wish would happen during Earth Hour. I wish:
* More businesses would participate (in fact I wish they would power down every night)
* Street lights would be turned off (not all though....for public safety)
* There were more community activities involving the local impact
* More people would treat every day like Earth Hour

Have a great hour my friends. Come back and share what you did. I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Happy Earth Hour Day, Jen! I wish more business participated as well. What you up to tonight?

  2. It drives me crazy when I see all the lights on in office buildings in TO. At least here companies seem a bit better.

    Tonight we are going to chill with good wine, yummy treats and just talk (with candles on).