0 Help Me Save Langley - Update and a Norwex Offer

If you are here from Baby Rabies - Thanks for stopping by! This is our Help Me Save Langley Fundraiser. To find out more about Langley go here. Please check it out and help us save his life.

Our Help Me Save Langley Fundraiser is still on and so far we have raised over $1500 $2000. When you add in our matching dollars that is over $3000 $4000 for Langley. You guys are AMAZING!!!! I'll be honest. I want to get his grant account to $10,000 because this is the number I believe it will take to make it more comfortable for someone to take the leap of faith and adopt him. His grant account is sitting at $3526.50 $4006.50 so with our current level of matching that would bring him up to $5026.50 $6067.50. That means we would have $5000 $4000 more to raise. It really does seem impossible but I have faith that somehow it will happen. The fundraiser is staying open until April 29th so there is still plenty of time to donate and share share share.

 ZOMG a new picture of Langley!

It is amazing how many new people you meet when you are hosting something like this. Rachel is one of those people. She and her family hoped to adopt another little boy in Russia but unfortunately did not qualify. I actually reached out to Rachel a few months ago to ask for help with my fundraiser and she has graciously offered to donate her Norwex commission to Langley!!! That means that 35% of her sales from you guys will go directly to help save Langley.

Okay so what is Norwex. They offer environmentally friendly and healthy solutions for cleaning your house. Using Norwex products will save you time and money and reduce your impact on the environment. Anyone I know who has used their products absolutely swears by them. There are lots of products to pick from whether it is their traditional microfiber cloths or their floor cleaning products or home essential cleaning accessories there will be something that you will need/want/love. There are loads of other categories of products too which you can find here

                                          Perfect tag line for Norwex and for our fundraiser!

So it is simple. Buy some Norwex products from Rachel and you can help us save Langley. You get some amazing products and Langley gets a chance at life.  When you order please mention 'HelpMeSaveLangley' to ensure your purchased is marked against the fundraiser.

You can find Rachel on Facebook, Twitter and her blog Make Something Beautiful.

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