4 No Impact Leap Day

Well here we are at the end of February and on the Eve of Leap Day. This year I am aiming for a No Impact Leap Day. I have been preparing for the last few weeks and I feel completely unprepared. I actually nervous about this! I had a mild freak out on my way home today when I realized that I can not have my morning tea. Look out! Tomorrow I am going to be "fun".

I am about 99% sure Joey thinks I have lost it. This conversation just happened in our house tonight.

Jen - Hey Sweetie, how do I use water to flush a toilet?
Joe - How do you use a toilet??
Jen - No. If I want to turn the water off and then add my own water do I just poop and then add the water in and it flushes?
Joe  ::blank stare::
Jen - You haven't read the blog lately have you? 

10 minutes later Joe is upstairs in our bathroom where he sees my water stockpile.

Jen - Don't touch my poop water okay?
Joe  ::gives Jen the most ridiculous side eye combines with a very loud sigh::

So in addition to my water stock pile I have made the following preparations:
* I'm working from home
* Weather permitting I will be walking B to daycare
* No use of the stove, oven or microwave
* No meat
* No shower or bath
* Brushing my teeth without water
* No personal email or internet. I will however be tweeting about my day from my BlackBerry
* No laundry
* I am aiming to only produce waste that can be composted. No trash or recycling. 
* Heat will be down 2 degrees
* No gym, 30 Day Shred or treadmill. Weights only home bootcamp here I come!
I will however have to use the internet and some hydro to power my laptop while I work.

I will be back on the 1st with a special post about a joint venture for my Help Me Save Langley Fundraiser and then on the 2nd I will outline my No Impact Leap Day and the overall result.

Happy Leap Day everyone! I hope you do what you can to make it a No Impact day too!

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