2 Yellow Snow

There are many lessons to be learned in life starting at a young age and well into adulthood. Tonight as we were shoveling our sidewalk I noticed that B was eating snow and I actually told him to not eat yellow snow. As if he even knows what means or that we could even see if it was yellow or not. But it did get me thinking about what else could be in that snow and how much control we have over our property and what we use to remove snow and ice. 

I did think about putting down some of the concrete friendly de-icer we have in our garage but as I watched B eat snow off his mittens I realized that I have no idea what is in that de-icer. I didn't buy it after all, it was leftover when Joe's plant closed 4 years ago. Joe is pretty vague about what it is when I ask so my gut is telling me that it is not something that I would agree with or want anywhere near the snow B is eating....or any other kid or pet. 

A few years ago I used EcoTraction and it works great for creating that traction on icy walkways. Joe didn't like it though, I think because he likes the ice melters. I know we need to find a solution that works for both of us and keeps everyone safe with no impact on the environment. 

It amazes me at how something as simple as seeing B eat snow can completely change one of my habits. I normally would shovel and then throw down the 'whatever the hell that stuff is' on the stairs and sidewalk. Looks like it is time to google some solutions and get rid of the other stuff. 

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  1. and what our parents would say is " you survived eating that stuff!" My biggest pet peeve when I talk to family about what we do! I am with you, try something safer! :)

  2. I wonder what our parents used to de-ice back then? I don't remember my Dad putting salt down...maybe he did I just don't remember little salt bits everywhere.