6 Crazy Looks and Smelly Aisles

The boys went to B's swimming lesson today so I decided to do the grocery shopping to get it out of the way so Joe didn't have to go and do it tomorrow. I brought my grocery bags with me but I completely forgot my produce bags at home. I realized it as I picked up Joe's oranges. So instead of using a plastic produce bag I just put the fruit into my cart. You should have seen the looks I got. It was like I was putting babies and poisonous snakes in my cart (which I wasn't because everyone knows you can't get either of those at a legit grocery store). I did have to use some plastic bags for some things I bought, like the bulk popcorn kernels. Because those I can't just dump in the cart and I think the cashier would have been pissed if I just pulled handfuls out of my pockets for her to weigh (plus who wants to pay extra for the pocket lint that would have been mixed in with the popcorn).

I was on the hunt for brown paper bags so we can make popcorn in the microwave without all the chemicals in microwave popcorn bags. I had no idea what aisle they were in so I went up and down all of them. You know what....the cleaning aisle really fucking stinks. I mean seriously how does anyone walk down that aisle and A. not pass out from the fumes, B. not get a perma migraine and C. pick anything up off the shelf?  It is sensory overload with all the fragrances messing together. If it is that strong of a smell when the bottle is unopened imagine when it is opened. Note to self - never go into the aisle again because I feel like I lost 5 brain cells doing it today.

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  1. You crack me up, Jenn!!! :) You remind me of me, it is so funny!

  2. Crazy! I always throw my produce in the cart, with a "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" mentality, and have never noticed crazy looks. Maybe there's even crazier shit going down at Beechwood Zehrs to attract attention than my loosey-goosey fruit and veg.

    And as for the cleaning aisle: word. Rowan loses his mind with agitation if we go there.


  3. So you are insanely good looking and ridiculously hilarious?? ;)

  4. Heather - maybe people really are putting babies and poisonous snakes in their carts at your Zehrs so your free-ballin' apples are nothing in comparison.

  5. You got me Jen! All the above!!! :) :) And don't forget green!

  6. I totally agree with the cleaning aisle thing. I can't believe I ever used to buy anything from that horrid place. I now make all that stuff myself at home and don't miss having to be assaulted by that aisle. Good riddance!

    And secondly, If you think the produce thing is bad, try coming in with your own cart. My husband and I walk to and from the grocery store, so we have our own cart we bring with us and load our groceries in that for the walk home. Yeah, we get lots of weird looks every week.....Good for you for persevering!