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This time of year we all struggle to find that perfect gift for those who we love. For my family it is even worse though...because my birthday is only a few days before Christmas. So what does someone get an eco-chick? Not useless stuff that is for sure. This year Joe took me to the restaurant Borealis that serves all local food. I know that the asparagus in the chips we had with our spinach dip are from a farm a quick 20 minute walk from our home and that Joe's beer came from the city beside us.This restaurant is like a dream come true for me. I love knowing that I am eating local food and supporting our local farmers. Best of all the food was out of this world good. 

I am a firm believer in supporting local businesses where possible and I know that can be really hard sometimes, especially depending on where you live. Food however can be much easier but usually just when we are looking to buy and prepare at home. I love that when we go out to eat we have an option now that reflects our lifestyle when we are at home. 

I encourage you to look for restaurants similar to Borealis in your city. If there isn't one then look for restaurants that have local dishes on their menu and chose those options. The more demand there is for local dishes the more dishes will appear on the menu.

 Picture from Borealis website

Have you been to Borealis or a similar restaurant? What were your thoughts? How do you ensure you eat locally when you are out at a restaurant?

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  1. I agree! The more demand for local food items, the more accessible they will be for everyone!