0 Failing and Feeling like a Giant

Do you ever just feel like a giant? It could be because you are wearing a kick ass pair of heels or because you are surrounded by 2 year olds or if could just be because you are driving a vehicle that is about 2318758238 times larger than your own.  My car was due for its Drive Clean test and yesterday the results of that test were a big fat F. Everyone including the technician were shocked. I was pissed that I was potentially driving around a car that was spouting off 50% more NO emissions. Today Joey had to take my car in to get a diagnostic run so we could figure out why it failed and fix it. This means I had to drive his truck. Today my friends I felt like a giant driving to work. Each car I passed was like a little ant that I could squish at any moment. 

Sometimes I feel like that in life. Like if I am not the perfect environmentalist that I am going to get a big fat F in the eyes of my eco friends. I am sure that we all feel that way sometimes. At points there are moments where I think 'OMG what if someone asks me something and I don't know the answer???'  I wonder if I have set myself to fail by calling myself an environmentalist. If I am making myself a giant in a world full of 2 year olds. 

As I reflect on the year passed I think about the successes and the failures we have had. I linger on those moments that make my sides hurt from laughing, those moments that we seriously high 5'd over. I don't think as much about what we did gloriously wrong because it really isn't worth the energy. There is no shame in not being the perfect environmentalist or not knowing all the answers. No one is perfect, not even the eco-hero's we all look up to. 

Our day ended on a few positive notes. It turns out the car did not get a big fat F on the Drive Clean test...in fact it got an A+. You see something went wrong with the first test and the equipment malfunctioned resulting in the F. I also made it home tonight without squashing a single ant.  And celebrate a day of feeling like a giant I made these.

My only little army of not caring if I am perfect 2 year olds.

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