4 Weekly Eco Challenge: Jen vs The Vine

I feel like I am living in my own personal Jumanji. This year I decided that enough was enough and I was going to win the war with The Vine. It has gone from 'well that is nice' to 'it really fills in that side of the house' to 'OMG it is growing inside the fireplace vent and up the downspout to the eaves trough' to 'the gloves are coming off bitch, you will be mine'.  I spent 4 hours one day trying to get rid of it. It filled 4 large yard waste paper bags. And I didn't get it all...because today I noticed it was regrowing again. I sustained ant bites and scratches all over my arms that made me look like an emo cutter and that fucker came back.

You want to know the worst part? The previous owners planted this vine. If only I had a time machine...I would kick their ass.

Today I pulled up what has to be easily 1.8273 million miles of root and I am left with 3 massive root balls that will take some sort of jack hammer/back hoe/TNT to get rid of. My neighbour told me that pouring boiling water on the roots will kill the plant and it will never grow again. So I did that today and we shall see if it works. I have my doubts so my challenge this week will be to find a way to naturally get rid of this vine once and for all. I will win this war!!!

Okay friends...what should I add to my list of ideas battle plans to get rid of this thing?

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  1. I wish I could help. We are having vine issues too. Please let me know if you find something that does work. Apparently the one we are dealing with spawns bulbs and those bulbs make more vines. It's impossible!

  2. Love your Blog! Tried to follow but prefer not using the "friend connect".Any suggestions? BTW you guys are awesome!

  3. @Ginger - I half wonder if ours does that as well. It is amazing how many root balls there were!

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