2 I have a confession

I am addicted to flyer's.

They come Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night but I make sure to save them until Saturday morning. I sit down with my cup of tea and go through them. Okay not all of them...Future Shop can go to hell so I don't even look at their flyer anymore.  I fold down the corner of the pages marking the items that I want to buy buy 99.6519% of the time never go to purchase. Then I leave them in a pile that starts on the couch and then migrates to the kitchen table and then they arrive on the credenza. Finally they end up in the recycling bin....usually the day the new flyer's come.

While I love this Saturday morning ritual I find myself questioning the point when I really don't use them for anything (other than the odd one lining my compost bin). Each year the flyer industry in Canada contributes over 1 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. That is a hell of a lot of emissions for this small ritual of mine.

I have been looking into this for a little while to figure out what my options are. If only I could pick the flyer's that I really want to see. Yes I know I can see them online but it is hard to go cold turkey yo!  Anyways, what I have discovered is that in Canada there is no real way to opt out of the flyer's. Websites suggest contacting retailers but they are not the one's who are dropping the flyer's on my doorstep. I have also read that you can contact each individual company that creates the bundles of flyer's but I have serious doubts about the delivery person will know to not drop them off at our house.

Here is what I may do with the newspapers instead of just throwing them in the recycling bin.

Hello!! Totally business casual right???

Hey look it's a dog (I think...or maybe a weird monkey). And no more poop!

Wonder how this sun protection rates in the EWG database?

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  1. I have the same ritual! With the sunday paper... I love looking at the deals that I JUST MIGHT WANT TO BUY. (Yeah, I think only once or twice have I gone to a store because of a deal I saw in a flyer.) But for some reason it is just so fun! Why? I'm not sure. Mine always end up in the recycling as well.

  2. We should really start some sort of support group! :)