3 Some people still don't get it

Last week we were out for a walk and as we approached this one house a man walked down to the edge of his driveway with a spray can of doom. I knew exactly what he was about to do. Ants...ants are everywhere and I knew that he was going to spray them with whatever was in that can. My mind raced but everything was in slow motion. Him at the end of the drive shaking the can preparing to release its toxic contents. Us approaching step by step with B in his stroller right at the same level he was spraying. He saw us coming and he didn't stop. People stop frickin mowing there lawns when we walk by just in case something launches out of the mower but no not this guy with his canister of death. He was all set to spray right when B would have been right beside him.

So we stopped short. We waited until he was done and I felt the urge to not only tell him about some natural remedies but to also fan the air as we walked by so that B wouldn't inhale any of the lingering fumes.

Yes I understand that some people still want to use chemicals. But do some people really not care about who is around them when they are using them? Or maybe they just don't care if it isn't their kid? Or maybe they are just asses.

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::rolls eyes HARD::


  1. Any solution that requires the least bit of effot is often tossed to the wayside. There are SO many effective GREEN ways to get rid of ants!!

    Found you on the green blog hop and now following. Drop by when you have time!

    Stephanie :o)

  2. I think maybe it's because some people just don't KNOW it can be harmful. They might just be ignorant and assume that anything sold on the shelves of stores is safe to inhale, eat, or live with! ha ha... especially if he was older... those types of sprays were like miracles in a can back in the day! lol