10 Green Dreams

I often find myself day dreaming of the 'perfect' green life. I dream about buying a piece of land....well actually saving a piece of land from becoming something it shouldn't be like a parking lot or industrial park. I dream about building a house on part of this land. A house that has a place for everything so there is no clutter of day to day things. A house that has not one rain barrel but a whole row of them. I want to look out my window and see my large vegetable garden, massive tree's blowing in the wind and butterflies fluttering around my flower garden. I want to be off the grid by having solar and geothermal power and have a grey water system. There will be no trash on the side of the curb because everything will be composted or recycled.

Going to the grocery store will be a rare event for us as everything we will need will be grown in our backyard or purchased from a local farmer. There would be a hybrid in my garage and bicycles in our driveway. Up the street is where we would ride to get fresh eggs from our local farmer.

I want to sit on the front porch when it rains, listening to each drop hit the ground and watching B splash in the puddles. There will be camp outs under the stars (that we will actually be able to see) and picnic lunches in the woods.

To some people this may seem like a lot. To me it isn't. It is actually very little. It is getting back to the simple things in life. Lemonade made from scratch, clothes drying in the wind in the backyard, eating crisp green beans out of the garden. Away from the hectic and the consumerism that seems to dominate life.

What are your green dreams? Are you making them a reality?

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  1. New follower from Thursday hop. Looking forward to reading more and hope you will check out my new blog.


    Your green dreams post is lovely. I smile every time my little guy (2.5) talks about compost and asks to take weeds or our bin out to the compost.


  2. Hi! I came by thru the blog hop and am following you thru GFC and Twitter. I did not see a Facebook button so if I missed it and need to come back just let me know. It is nice to see someone who is concerned about our planet. I try to recycle just about anything that can be and try not to use too much water if I can help it. I would love a follow back on GFC and Twitter also. If you have Facebook that would be great also. That is where I am the weakest, not knowing that those numbers matter as much as GFC numbers if you want to do reviews and/or giveaways. Thanks for any help you can give and have a wonderful weekend.


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  4. That sounds pretty great to me. Someday we're hoping to do something similar. We just need to save enough for said piece of land and solar panels. I'd also like to have a few chickens so we can have our own fresh eggs. Perhaps share a cow with a neighbor for fresh milk.

  5. I'd love to have a great garden too. I have such a black thumb, but I've always, always, always wanted tomato plants growing in my own yard.

    I'm a new follower from the Thursday Blog Hop. I'd love it if you'd follow me back at A Helicopter Mom!

    Mickey :)
    A Helicopter Mom

  6. Shelby - love your gardening post!

  7. That sounds awesome Heather!

  8. Mickey - I found growing tomatoes to be easy (in my one time doing it). Just remember to put the cages on when you first plant them...not a month+ later like we did.

  9. I love your dream, Jen... we often dream of something very similar! thanks for sharing.

  10. I love the idea and my dream follows very closely with yours. I wish for similar things. I think the only difference is I live in Australia and I don't require significant heating so no geothermal requirements in my equation.

    Love to hear more!