9 Composting at Work

Tomorrow I will be doing something new. We do not have a composting program at work (yet) so I typically bring all my compostables home with me and put them into our green bin. Tomorrow I will be extending this offer to my colleagues. Yep I will be offering to bring their banana peels, tea bags, orange peels and apple cores home with me to put into our city compost bin.

I'm sure not everyone will take me up on my offer and I am positive some will laugh. But hey if it diverts waste from the landfill then who cares right?!

Do you have a composting program at work? If you don't what do you do with your compostables? Would you ever consider taking your colleagues home with you to put in your composter? (or you know bring their stuff home with you to put in your composter)

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  1. "Would you ever consider taking your colleagues home with you too to put in your composter?"

    Why yes, there are some colleagues I'd love to go stick in my composter. LOL! That one made me laugh a lot.

  2. OMG! See this is why I should not blog while tired!

  3. I'm an at-home-parent so obviously I compost while at work :) My husband brings his home to put in our composter in the yard. He has been known to bring home co-workers compostables that they've left laying around, but I don't think he's ever actually asked them to give them to him.

  4. My work just started a composting program! Everything in our cafe that isn't reusable is compostable.

  5. @Sam - Love that your husband is being proactive!

    @Jessie - what sort of things in your lunchroom are compostable? We can't compost any of the biodegradable plastics here so I find that to be limiting.

  6. This is a great post!! I love to compost. We have a large garden each year and I love to use our compost there. I am new to your blog and am so glad that I found it!!

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  8. Thanks Alicia and Rachel for stopping by!