2 Week 2 - 2011 in 2011

Week 2 is wrapping up and I am still on a roll with finding things to get out of the house. Seriously...if you are thinking about trying this but don't really know if you can do it TRUST ME you can!  So far I have tackled my closet, B's closet, odds and sodds in the basement and some parts of the kitchen.

I made some decisions on the items that ended up in the ? pile last week. 62 of the 69 items in this category I was able to donate. 

Recycled - 73 (was 74 but 1 thing was not accepted by the truck so it had to go in the garbage)
Garbage - 25 (was 24)
Hazardous Waste - 12
Donate - 94 (was 77 but 17 'return' items are now being donated)
Sell - 12
Giveaway - 0
Return - 4 (was 21)
Compost - 2
? - 3
Total number of items 225

Grand total so far = 656 items

Most interesting item - I have a ridiculous number of little pez dispensers. I do not know why I have them but they really make me laugh.

Most thought provoking item from an environmental perspective - Moving can generate a lot of waste materials. I emptied a box that was from when we moved here. It was full of paper used to wrap our breakables. Some of the paper was in good enough condition that I kept it to use for wrapping gifts but most of it I had to toss in the blue bin. At least it can be recycled but it still sucks that there isn't a better option.

Best green story - I love that there are options for donating clothing and household items. I lined up a pick up from the Canadian Diabetes Association for this month. I have right now close to 200 items going to them. Hopefully they will help someone in need or go to someone who has a use for them.

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  1. A better option for the paper (next time?)- I posted all of our packing materials in the "free" section of Craigslist. Dishpacks and paper (together) were especially popular. I think we got rid of 95% of our packing paper, only some that was torn or stained (where something in a box spilled) was thrown out.

  2. I didn't have an option in what they used since my company hired movers for us as part of my relocation :( But that is a great suggestion for anyone who has "control" over their move!