2 Green Toys That We Love

I sometimes get questions about B's toys. I think people think he must not have any toys because we are eco-friendly. FALSE! Now not all of his toys are eco-friendly and I really don't think that would ever be possible. We do try hard to not have too many toys and starting with his 2nd birthday this summer we will start the 1 in 1 out rule (with the toys being donated). Here are some of B's eco-toys.

Green Toys - Recycling Truck
Green Toys are made in the US from recycled milk jugs (totally a foreign concept for us since our milk comes in bags or cartons). Their packaging is also entirely recyclable. B loves to push the recycling truck around (he stands behind it and runs while pushing it) but the wheels don't roll as smoothly as other trucks so it doesn't roll as far if you just push it. The recycling materials that come with it are just pieces you cut out of the cardboard box. We opted to not keep these because B would totally be putting them in his mouth...not recycling them in the truck. If he was older then it would not have been an issue.

EverEarth Pull Along Dinosaur

Okay first of all this toy is a dinosaur so that makes it kickass awesome to start with. Now add to that the fact that it is made from solid wood from renewable forests and is finished with water-based, non-acrylic, non toxic paint. Packaging can be the a make or break deal with me. It really grinds my gears when it is an eco-toy but in non recyclable packaging or the toy is held in place with those little plastic ties. This toy was housed in a minimal amount of packaging all of which was recyclable. And there were NO little plastic ties.

What I don't like (and B hates) is that the string to pull the dinosaur is really short. I extended it with some twine but it still doesn't help to keep the dinosaur upright. Perhaps he will grow into it but right now he can pull it a foot or so before it topples over. T-Rex can't keep up with B's full on running I guess!

MiYim Monkey Stacking Toy
I love MiYim toys. They are organic, colour dyed with soy and 100% certified non-toxic. B has the monkey stacker and when he isn't putting the pieces on his head and giggling he has fun staking it in the proper order. And since it is a plush toy it doesn't hurt when he throws it at me. It's a nice change from the typical plastic stackers on the market. He also has a MiYim rattle and lovie.

Brio Squidoo Train Set
While this toy isn't fully an eco toy (outside of the wood being free from toxic chemicals and insecticide) I was very impressed with the packaging. There was no plastic holding the toy in place. Rather it was pieces of cardboard with holes in them and pieces of the toy (ie: the trains wheels) that were through the holes holding them in place.

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