4 Sometimes composting is gross

When our city composting system launched last year we got 2 containers. 1 is for the kitchen and one is the larger one that we roll to the curb. I have always struggled with keeping the initial part of composting 'clean'. I don't take the container out every day and lets face it, I am never going to. I take it out when it is full....sometimes stuffed full.  We were also given paper bags to go in them. I found the bags for the kitchen container to be slightly useful but I don't see a need to put a big brown bag in the curb side container. Last week I ran out of the kitchen bags and I am not going to purchase replacements. That means I have to wash my container after I empty it. I try to prevent some of the grossness by lining the container with newspaper but it doesn't stop it from getting pretty nasty.

Oh man I don't even want to think about what the curbside container is going to be like in the summer. Maybe I will use our home compost in the summer and the city program in the winter.

If you compost what do you do to make it as 'clean' as possible? Am I SOL if I don't take it out every single night?

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  1. Our city council gives households bio bags for the composter - you can see one in action here http://greeninreallife.blogspot.com/2010/12/building-new-habits-composting.html Without the bags, composting would be impossible here in the Australian heat - and it can still be a big gross even with them. If it is something truly icky and stinky, we keep it in the fridge or freezer until bin day.

  2. Hi Jen! I was thinking about getting a kitchen composter myself. We have a very small place though. Do you have any problems with the kitchen one and odor? I have no clue about it. Thanks! -Victoria

  3. Thanks for sharing! That would make things less icky for me for sure.

  4. Hey Victoria! Are you looking to compost inside or do you have a backyard composter and you just need to have a container in your kitchen to collect the food scraps until you take them out back?

    If you don't have a backyard composter (and don't want one) you can try vermicomposting. I will put together a post about it (did a project on it in university).

    If you have a backyard composter and just need something to store your scraps until you take it outside I would make sure you get a container with a lid. That will help keep the odour down.