8 Moooooo goes Mommy

I never thought I would be an extended breastfeeder but I am so proud that I am. We reached a pretty big milestone last week. A year and a half of breastfeeding. When B was first born my goal was to nurse until he got teeth. And when those suckers came in I had several times where I would say I was done out of the pain from him biting. But we worked through it and he learned to not do that. My next goal was to make it to 1 year. It was hard since I went back to work at 9 months and had supply issues starting around 10 months. I got lots of support and brought my supply back up. After B turned 1 I decided I wanted to make it to 15 months....then 18 months. Now I don't know what to aim for. Do I even need to have a goal anymore?

I think the biggest shock when we do stop will be the cost of having to buy organic milk. It is going to be hard to pay for something that we have been getting for free for so long!

What do I love about breastfeeding
1. The snuggles
2. When B sticks his feet in my face and laughs all while still nursing
3. I'm like a walking fridge....milk is always available when he wants it
4. Knowing I am able to give B what is best for him
5. Cash monies savings!
6. It is eco-friendly...which you know is right up my alley
7. Those quiet moments where it is just B and I in the middle of the night
8. Bonding...oh the bonding
9. Seeing Joey being happy and proud of me

What did I hate about breastfeeding
1. Waking up with rock hard porn star boobs while laying in a puddle of milk
2. Pumping....especially at work. How I did that 3 times a day for 7 months I will never know
3. Pumping...in the bathroom of Union Station (ewwwww fecal mist)
4. Teeth

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  1. That is so wonderful to hear! My lil' man is only 3 months old and I feel like I will be setting similar goals and then meeting them and setting new goals! I'm absolutely terrified of the teething that is right around the corner! Any advice?

    I also started back to work when my guy was only 7 weeks (it was horrible!) and struggled with my supply and have finally taken fenugreek and it has worked wonders and my hopes to continue breastfeeding are still there!

    Now that your guy is 18 months, how often do you feed him? Good luck

  2. Congrats on 3 months of BF'ing Stephanie! That is awesome! The first few months are the worst...it just gets easier IMO.

    Teeth...ugh. He bit me maybe 4 or 5 time. When he would do it I would sternly tell him NO. It actually would scare him and he would cry so I would comfort him. I would be so tense when putting him back on the boob...especially when he had that evil look in his eye. Eventually I think he got use to not using his teeth to nurse and things got back on track.

    I nurse him when he wakes up and before bed during the week. On the weekends I also nurse him before his nap.

  3. Congrats Jen, definitely an accomplishment!

    My initial goal was 6 months, then it was a year... which we hit next Wednesday!! Wow. I think my next goal is just "as long as we're both getting something from it." :-)

    I'm definitely excited to cut down at this point from 3 pumps a day to 2 pumps a day!! Its going to be liberating. LOL.

  4. @Meegs - congrats on 1 year!

    Do you hate pumping at work as much as I did? OMG I dreaded when that reminder would pop up on my computer.

  5. Oh how I miss breast feeding. My little one gave it up pretty young and while at the time I thought I was glad it was over, after only a few days I missed it desperately. The bonding is just something that you don't get in any other way!

  6. Following you now through the Green Mama Blog Hop. Thanks for joining in yesterday!

  7. Thanks for linking up to the Breastfeeding Blog Hop.

    Congrats on making it to 1.5 years - what an accomplishment!

  8. Teeth! We've only got two and he's *really* giving me a run for my money. I have flashbacks of the biting every time he leans in to latch...we're learning how to cope!

    Thanks for joining the Hop