1 Day 3 - No Impact Experiment

I thought today would be the hardest day because the focus was transportation and I have to drive to work. The mass transit here is okay but not the greatest from home to work. Plus I have to drop B off and pick him up from daycare so that complicates things. But then something outside of my control happened and I had to work from home. So no driving for this girl! You know I never thought about asking to work from home when I first read that today would be about reducing our transportation impact. I don't know why I didn't think about it but it is such an easy way to reduce your impact. If you have that option then that is awesome!

To reduce my impact on a regular basis I have carpooled with a coworker but we both have to do daycare drop off and pick up so it just doesn't work. So instead I make sure that my car is maintained so that it operates at peak efficiency.

Day 1: Consumption Update - Did not buy anything
Day 2: Trash Update - 3 diapers, 4 wipes, 1 cereal bar wrapper

Transportation Updates
Day 4: Drove to and from work (with daycare dropoff and pick up) ~30km
Day 5: Drove to and from work (with daycare dropoff and pick up) ~30km
Day 6: Drove to and from work (with daycare dropoff and pick up) ~30km
Day 7: Did not drive anywhere
Day 8: Did not drive anywhere

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No Impact Experiment

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  1. Great post; my biggest struggle with being 'green' is definitely transportation. I must admit I like the freedom and convenience of jumping in my car and not having to wait around for shared or public transport. You're right about working from home, it makes a huge difference to cars on the road and I wonder if this is the way forward. we certainly have the technology for this in most industries. Enjoy the rest of your week!