0 Day 2 - No Impact Experiment

Day 2 focuses on trash. If you allow me to AW for a moment I have to say that today is easy for me. I don't have a big trash problem as I have worked hard over the last year to really cut it down. Right now our trash is diapers, wipes and plastic that I am unsure of what to do with.

In preparation for today I wrote out everything I put into the trash yesterday. I broke it out into 2 categories: things I used for more than 10 minutes and things I used for less than 10 minutes. It is crazy when you look at it this way and see just how much you throw away that you use for next to no time at all.

Here is what it looked like:
More than 10 minutes - diapers (5), cereal bag (2)
Less than 10 minutes - wipes (12), cereal bar wrapper, cookie wrapper, Q-tip (2)

I collected the trash today (so this means things that would end up in the landfill - not what is recycled or composted). Here is what we had:  More than 10 minutes - diapers (3). Less than 10 minutes - wipes (4), cottage cheese plastic seal (2), sticker around organic banana's, cereal bar wrapper.

Today I avoided generating trash by not using produce bags at the grocery store and by recycling or composting everything else that I generated except what was listed above.

* I am looking into cloth diapers as a transition to potty training.
* I am going to make my own cloth wipes
* Looking into Terra Cycle Canada and if they will take the cereal bar wrappers
* Am going to stop buying these organic baby cookies since I can't recycle the plastic they come in
* I already have a water bottle for work and use a mug for tea. I will be taking a spoon with me to stir my tea and I have handmade sandwich bags that I use for work.
* I will continue with my no-printing streak at work

Trash Updates
Day 3 - 3 diapes, 4 wipes, 1 cereal bar wrapper.
Day 4 - 3 diapers, 3 wipes, 1 cereal bar wrapper, 1 piece plastic wrap
Day 5 - 3 diapers, 5 wipes, 1 cereal bar wrapper, plastic from whole chicken, absorbent pad under whole chicken, 1 piece of gum, 1 plastic bag from frozen corn
Day 6 - 3 diapers, 5 wipes, 1 cereal bar wrapper
Day 7 - 3 diapers, 4 wipes, 1 cereal bar wrapper, 1 bag frozen peas, 1 piece plastic wrap, butchers paper and plastic from fish
Day 8: 3 diapers, 5 wipes, 1 cereeal bar wrapper, 1 cottage cheese seal

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