2 What's in the Waste - Week 1

Come inside my trashcan for a moment. In the past week here is what has gone into it. These are things that I need to find out if they can be recycled in our city. Some I know the answer already, some I do not.

* diapers - our compost system does not allow these
* peel off top to yogurt - does this count as a foil?
* wrap from a chicken
* styrofoam from under a chicken - not picked up in our recycle program but can be dropped off
* wrapper from B's cookies - does this count as a foil?
* wrapper from B's cereal bars - does this count as a foil?
* bag from inside of a cereal box
* milk bag
* plastic from a wine bottle - I didn't want/need it but he had already put it on
* onion bag
* breastmilk storage bag
* saran wrap
* plastic seal from cottage cheese container

Notice it is almost all plastic? That is really what made me start to do this in the first place.

What do you do with any of these items? Any suggestions are welcome if you aren't able to recycle them as part of your local program.

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  1. Dont use saran wrap...instead take the time to put it in a tupperware container.

  2. I use saran wrap for freezing meat. I have tried other things and they don't work so for me it is a necessary evil to be able to freeze meat.