3 Triggers

There are triggers in my life. Certain sounds or smells that make me think of something from my life. Like I every time I want into a lumber store I smell freshly cut wood and think of my Dad. The sound of waves will always remind me of laying beside Joey on Half Moon Cay.

Today I was driving to B's swim lesson and taking a route that I don't normally take home. Suddenly I started to think about a field trip in University where we drove to a small forest in the middle of a residential area. A forest that when we stood inside of it you could no longer hear the sounds of cars on the road. As I drove I wondered where the forest was. Along the road was small strips of trees but mostly houses. Had they torn it down to build houses? They couldn't have. I don't remember exactly why we went into this forest but I remember it being important. We were taking measurements and learning about forest nutrients and the natural regeneration process.

Was the forest before the grocery store or after?

I know it was on the right side of the road....

Then suddenly there it was (after the grocery store and yes on the right side of the road). The whole thing still where it was 11 years ago. This made me smile. The city has grown so much and yet this little plot of land remains natural. I wonder if students still go there and are they using our data to show changes from the current data they collect?

I think about that day every single time I drive down that road.

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