4 McGruber

A few weeks ago I realized that I had forgotten my pump. Luckily I had a backup one that I kept at work for such an occasion. I did not however have a bottle to pump into. I had all kinds of ideas going through my head.

* Stand over the sink and pump down the drain. ** GAH like flushing gold down the toilet 
* Pump into a coffee cup
* Find a plastic bag and pump  into it
* Don't pump and potentially explode killing all innocent bystanders

Then I saw my Otterbottle sitting on my desk. I decided I would have to pump into it. I thought it would be awkward and that this would turn into a milk blood bath. Turns out my pump parts fit right into the water bottle. Crisis averted!

And yes I am crazy and pump 3 times a day with a manual pump. The trade off is some really sexy forearms!

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  1. I sure don't blame you. That stuff is precious!
    Came over from Friday Follow.

  2. You are a BFing inspiration! I hope I can still be going with Gwen at 15 months.

    Although you are also crazy for pumping 3x a day with a manual!! Dang... my arms hurt just thinking about that!

  3. I have never used anything but a manual pump so I don't know any different!

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