6 Being a Green Mom

I am a breastfeeding, organic babyfood making, babywearing, consignment shopping mom.

Next week will be 15 months that I have been breastfeeding B. I remember when my goal was making it 6 months...seems like such a long time ago. Not sure how long we will continue so for now we just take it day by day. Breastfeeding is very environmentally friendly (and hello cheap) so I am glad that I have been lucky enough to be able to do it this long. What isn't environmentally friendly about it....breastmilk storage bags. A necessary evil for a working mom I guess. They just seem like such a waste. I wish they were at least recyclable.

We decided to make our own baby food right from the start. We buy as much organic product and meat as possible although sometimes if didn't make sense (seriously who pays $4.99 for celery). It wasn't even a problem when we drove to Florida when B was 6 months old (yah we are crazy). Some produce B won't touch if it isn't organic....like avocados....what a smart little boy.

Both Joey and I have worn B. Joey loved it and come on what is cuter than a father wearing his baby?  I just got an Baby Hawk Oh Snap so I can still wear B as he grows. He loves being worn on the back so he can look out and watch where we are going. Okay so this isn't really a 'green' thing but it goes hand in hand with a lot of other crunchy things green parents do.

I rarely buy new clothes for B. Most items I have gotten as hand me downs or purchased from a consignment shop. I can't stomach paying $20 for little jeans when I can get them used and in perfect condition for $5. I like that we aren't using additional resources for his clothing and that we are giving used clothing a second life.

Day to day I look for opportunities to reduce our families impact on the environment. Sometimes it isn't easy. Sometimes it is frustrating and sometimes it is awesome being able to do something that will make this world a better place for B.

What are a few things that you do that makes you a Green Mom?

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  1. We're all about finding deals on toys on kijiji and yard sales. A little power wash and they are good as new. We also use CDs regularly.

  2. When i had I, other then making ALL baby food i really could consider myself a "Green Mom" But my big sister had my nephew 12 days before i had K. Now watching her and how much of a "Green Mom" she is inspired me to do better. With K again i made my own baby food and this time i tried to make it with Organic Foods. Also any cereals, cookies etc i bought organic as well. I also switch I to organic animal crackers and applesauce. I two recycle clothes between my girls and buy toys off Kijiji (which was suggested to me by my sister). I also try making my girls clothes and even made stuff for my nephew for his birthday. I am not sure how Green this all makes me...But i am trying one day at a time.

  3. I love how secretive you are Mel. I should get you to do a guest post with the instructions on how to make the dresses you make for the girls or the pants you made for B.

  4. What a sweet picture :). I found you on the green hop and I really like your principles expressed so I am now following. Hope to see you around soon at Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  5. Way to go green mama! I've got a 6yr old, a 4 yr. old, and a 5month old. We are always trying are best to be "more" green. I recently switched to cloth diapers and I Love it :) I'll be sure to check your bog from time to time, from what I've read you've got a lot of great tips and information :)


  6. Thanks for stopping by Jennie! Glad you are liking cloth diapers. Which one's are you trying?