2 Good job - Check!, Sense of Humour - Check!, Environment - ???

I read a lot about spouses/partners who have differing views on what environmentally friendly means and how far they will go to reduce their impact on the environment. Joe is not nearly as green and I am but he does try and he goes along with mostly everything I suggest. I say mostly because there are some things that he gives me the side eye to. When we first started dating 5 years ago I never really thought about his 'greenness'. I had many things on my 'list' but for some reason the environment wasn't on there. Or maybe it kind of was? I doubt I would have dated someone who drove a huge ass SUV or who refused to recycle etc etc. But I didn't not date Joe because he drove a pickup or because he always leaves the water on when he is in the bathroom or because he goes through more kleenex/toilet paper than the Duggars.

So that makes me wonder. Do people consider the environment when picking a mate? How much of a priority is it? Is it right up there with sense of humour, nice abs and 'won't run away screaming when I fart in front of you' OR is it a nice to have like 'won't leave socks in a pile on the couch', 'can fill a dishwasher' and 'likes Indian food'?

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  1. I think it depends how it important it is to you - wouldn't have made my list - but, like you, I think if my hubby had been obviously wasteful in certain areas it would have been a turn off. It probably falls in the category of "compatible views" - important, but with the right person if some stuff doesn't completely mesh, it's okay.

  2. You pose a good question. My husband and I have been together 17 years now, and when we met were 16 and 18 years old. As you can imagine, the environment wasn't at the forefront of our relationship at that time.

    We have both grown into individuals that care deeply about the impact we have on the lives of others, as well as our impact on the planet - so I'd have to say we've been lucky I guess, we both see eye to eye on everything. Maybe that stems from growing older together...

    Peace. ;)