6 3M Scotch Painters Tape

I hate painting. Like seriously hate it. But what I hate more than painting is when you do paint and the lines turn out like crap. White gaps of doom or the dreaded paint on the ceiling. I have always used painters tape to mitigate this. 3M has come out with painters tape that is made using 30% post-consumer waste recycled fibres. It performs just as the other 3M Scotch painters tape does in that it won't remove the paint from the wall and leaves you with clean lines. But it has the added bonus of being better for the environment.


So what exactly is in the tape?  The tape is made using a solventless adhesive coating process. The paper backing of the tape is made using recycled fibres and the adhesive uses natural rubber. The packaging has also been improved as both the tape core and the shipping cartons are recyclable and contain a minimum of 90% and 100% recycled fibres, respectively.

I didn't get a chance to test the tape out myself (was supposed to do the basement this summer but life got in the way) but I did have a friend use it and she found no difference in performance from the regular painters tape. SO....if the 2 products give the same results then pick the greener option and go for the new Green 3M Scotch Painters Tape.

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  1. Sounds like a great choice then! Thanks for joining FMIC! Have a great day!

  2. I have never painted but I am sure I would hate it too! Have a great day!

  3. Yay! I'll have to paint relatively soon and will look extra hard to find this tape! Thanks :)

  4. Sam - I have some extra's I can send to you!

  5. I know this an old post but I thought I'd comment anyway. I'm a painter and we use the green tape for lacquer work because lacquer will eat the adhesive of normal blue tape. It's marketed for Hard-to-Stick surfaces. However, I can't quite make out the label in your picture but it doesn't look like it says Hard to stick on it. Generally you'll want to go with normal blue tape because the green is much stickier and can pull the finish paint off. Plus the green is more expensive. 3M tape is the way to go though - great adhesion but it pulls off nicely without leaving residue.

  6. Hi there That Guy! I've used this green tape and did not find it to be stickier than the blue tape. We painted our entire main floor and half of our 2nd floor using it and it did not remove any paint when we took it off.