3 How far would you go?

I love Nature BabyCare diapers. I love them so much that I drive to the closest store to get them. This just happens to be a 40 minute drive away (on the highway). It was easy when I was on mat leave but now that I am back at work it is impossible since the store is in someone's house and I don't think they are "open" on the weekend. I could get them shipped to me but it ends up being ridiculously expensive.

So I stopped using them and started to use 7th Generation diapers that are easily found in our grocery store. I like them but I don't love them.  I was looking at local health food stores this week and came across one that just started to carry Nature BabyCare diapers. I almost pee'd my pants. Seriously...I could not contain my excitement. I was doing fist pumps I was so happy.

This got me thinking. How far would you go to get a product that you love? Does the environmental impact of making the trip factor into your decision?

When I was going to get the diapers I would also try and link it to another trip in the area and I always bought several cases. That made the trip worth it for me.

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