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The G8 and G20 came to the Toronto area this weekend. So did the asshats who decided to burn and destroy stuff. I am all for freedom of speech and people being able to protest for what they believe in but at what point does it stop being a protest and start being people who just want to cause destruction?  I can honestly say that I have no idea what the main message was of the protesters. I am sure it was important and I am sure that I would have been interested in it. But unfortunately the jerks who decided to burn police cars and break store windows are getting all the attention.

Do I think that people should be allowed to protest the G8 and G20? Abso-frickin-lutely. Do I think that anyone who decides to get violent should be arrested. Yep. Do I wish that the media would focus on what the real message of the protest is? Hell yes. I get that in general people are there because they are against the G8 and G20's policies but it would have been nice to know exactly what the message is at this summit.

I find it ironic that protesters were complaining earlier in the week that Canada spent  $1 Billion on security for the Summit. The same people who were burning and breaking things and causing general havoc for a week now.

Want to see what was going on this weekend? Check out some of these video's.

Police Car Burning
The Group in Black

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